Welcome to Bobcat Meadow Farm

Bobcat Meadow Farm is nestled in a high mountain valley in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. Since 1993, our farm has been involved in numerous projects, including organic asparagus farming, organic grass hay production, and horse, dog and goat rescue.

Farm Activities


Our interest in horse welfare has led us to develop an inexpensive and effective horse joint supplement, called Easygait. Our original purpose was to provide our fellow horse owners with an inexpensive supply of a high quality joint supplement for retired and injured horses, or for maintaining optimal joint health in horses of all ages. We continue to make this available for a growing number of horses whose owners cannot afford the more costly brand names.

We are also proud to announce that we have a lovely Lusitano stallion, Saltanto do Norte, standing at stud. Tando is an outstanding combination of conformation and temperament – with a proven performance record in dressage competition. The Lusitano is one of the oldest known breeds, and is valued for classical baroque beauty, boldness, and extraordinary athleticism combined with a reliable and sensible mind.

In addition, at this time, we have for sale a 60 acre parcel of prime agricultural land located in the foothills of the Siskiyou mountains. This parcel has 45 acres of irrigated organic hay field, borders a year round creek, and has impressive views of Mt. Ashland to the north, and Mr. Shasta to the south. Ashland, Oregon is nearby, home to Southern Oregon University, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, fine dining and an active art community. It is an ideal equestrian property, or well suited for many other agricultural pursuits.

Property for Sale
Colestin Valley

FOR SALE - 52 acre parcel in Colestin Valley, California. About 40 acres is a productive hay field with flood irrigation. This field is fully fenced, and we currently lease it to local ranchers for hay production and cattle grazing on an annual basis. The remaining 12 acres are on a rise overlooking the hay field. These acres are partially wooded, have an approved building site with valley views and views of Mt. Shasta, Mount Ashland, and Pilot Rock.

Easygait Joint Supplement

We are the providers of EASYGAIT, a safe, effective and very affordable joint supplement for your horse that is scientifically proven to be effective!

By keeping the actual work of processing EASYGAIT at 'cottage industry' level, it is possible to produce a high quality supplement at the lowest cost we can manage.

Saltando do Norte Breeding Services

Tando is a purebred Lusitano Stallion imported from Brazil in 2006. He is the grandson of Luar das Videiras the National Adult Stallion Champion (Brazilian Andaluzian Nationals 1950) and great grandson of the famous Portuguese Viega stallion, Venturoso III. His dam/sire is Conspirado of Andrade descent (Portuguese Champion of the National Horse Fair at Golega 1988).